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Expenses & Taxes Done Right, Every Time.

Assignees, relocating employees, recruits and business travelers all benefit from Orion's Global Expense Management (GEM) solutions. We've been in this business since 1987; we know what needs to be done and the best way to do it. From auditing to processing and funding, we help clients save time and money while staying tax compliant. Our services are offered as a complete outsourced solution or to augment existing operations.


Policy Compliance

Orion professionals review data to ensure policy adherence and budget maintenance. Employees and vendors submit payments which go through an extensive audit for compliance to company policy.  Any items outside of the audit are flagged and resolved before payment is made.

Tax Code Audit

All submitted expenses are meticulously coded per the client’s ledger of accounts.  Information is then easily integrated with the accounting and payroll departments, as well as the client’s tax partner.


We combine speed of automation with our hands-on expertise to offer reliable and efficient payment processing services.  Orion offers these as a complete turnkey solution or as a means of augmenting existing staff.


Orion is equipped to fund relocation and travel expenses so you can make timely payments, especially for critical expenses such as immigration fees, taxes and employee/vendor reimbursements.  We can make payments in any currency, anywhere in the world.

Tax Gross-Up/Payroll Reporting

Orion’s in-house tax experts understand the complexity of payroll and tax calculations.  Our team will design custom gross-up calculations to meet the needs of our clients and integrate into their payroll systems.  We ensure the accuracy of our calculations by maintaining our gross-up engine with the latest tax law changes.

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Data Centralization

Our software captures data from multiple sources around the globe to create a single database of useful information.  The software easily integrates with relevant systems to quickly sync data with payroll and accounting departments, as well as global tax partners.


Of relocation expenses can be classified as ordinary income

Which can have a substantial impact on an employee’s tax return.

We understand domestic tax law so you don’t have to. On average, 50% of relocation expense can be classified as ordinary income, which can have a substantial impact on an employee’s tax return. Our knowledge and expertise is crucial in helping to assure that their taxes are handled in a way they can trust. From gross-up audits to full tax return services and our understanding of the latest regulations, we often serve to back up and enhance our clients’ in-house expertise. In fact, we even provide independent audits of individual tax returns.


Tax Compliance

Orion's tax department ensures that your company's domestic relocation taxes will be in compliance with current Federal, State and Local regulations as mandated by the IRS.

Tax Gross-Up Audits

These audits are a critical component of any mobility operation.  Orion performs comprehensive audits to assess the accuracy of gross-up processes performed in-house or by a relocation management company (RMC).

Supplier Audits

How closely is your RMC complying with industry standards and your policies? Orion reviews employees records, exceptions, payments and invoices to ensure the RMC is adhering to policies and submitting accurate billing.  We even go so far as to make sure they are not overcharging on currency exchanges.



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