3 Reasons Candidates Prefer In-Person Interviews

9.25.19 | Virtual interviews are efficient and inexpensive; they’re also convenient for both employers and applicants. Want to interview for a job without leaving the house or putting on shoes? No problem.

However, convenience often gives way to quality and candidates know this. According to a recent survey, 62% of Americans would prefer to be interviewed for a job in-person. The survey, conducted by Yoh, an international talent and outsourcing company, asked 2,000 American adults which they would prefer if given the choice.

Here are their top reasons:

1) In-person interviews would be the only way to truly judge a new job opportunity (59% of respondents)62% 

Candidates want a solid understanding of what the job entails. Sometimes, as noted in a previous blog, applicants find a role to be inconsistent with its job description. In-person interviews allow for smooth back-and-forth conversations that are not hindered by video lags or other technical glitches. Questions can flow freely and employers have the opportunity to show vs. tell, i.e. “Let me show you the software we use.”

Company culture is important to candidates and often factors heavily into their decision. For this reason, onsite interviews are invaluable – even in the early stages of recruitment. If the culture doesn’t fit neither will the opportunity.

2) Virtual interviews would limit the connection with the interviewer (37% of respondents)

The recruiting process has become highly automated and candidates value personal connections. They also realize that connecting with an interviewer will increase their chances of securing an offer. Connections facilitate open dialogue and provide more opportunity for potential hires to demonstrate their qualifications. Candidates want the chance to tell their story face to face.

3) Virtual job interviews would offer too many opportunities for technical difficulties (17%)

Sometimes technology fails us when we need it the most. Virtual interviews require a fast internet connection and quality service from the candidate’s local internet service provider. When video and sound quality are compromised, impressions become distorted.

Additionally, setting up a virtual interview can add stress to the interview experience. It can be challenging for some and every candidate has a different level of tech savviness. Trepidation among applicants spans generations. Yoh’s survey found baby boomers and millennials are equally concerned about technical difficulties during a virtual interview.

While virtual interviews have their virtues, nothing can replace person-to-person interaction for an ideal candidate experience.

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