5 Dating Rules that Apply to Recruiting Candidates

2.13.2020 | Recruiting is a lot like dating and therefore, many of the same rules apply. Here are a few for employers:

1) Put yourself out there

You know you’ve got it – desirable compensation, an Instagram-worthy office environment, and plenty of opportunities for the right person. Market your company and your job openings online and don’t hesitate to brag. Offline, tell everyone you know that you are looking for a special someone. Unexpected matchmakers may surprise you.

2) Keep an open mind

Looking for someone who’s six-feet tall, lives in the city, loves golden doodles, is gluten-free, and has good credit? Good luck.

While it’s important to know what you want, don’t limit your options by creating an exhaustive list of job requirements or preferences. Also, don’t let pre-conceived notions stop you from meeting someone who takes you completely by surprise – in the very best way.

3) Don’t string them along

Don’t say, “I’ll call you,” if you won’t. If the first meeting didn’t go well and it’s not a good match, let them know. Reach out to them but if they contact you first, don’t ghost. Pick up the phone. Reply to the text. Respond to the email. No one likes to be left in limbo and bitterness brews the longer you linger.

4) Over communicate

What do you want? What do they want? Sometimes the connection seems right but expectations don’t align. If someone wants more than you can offer, let it be known; otherwise, it’s a waste of time for both parties. As you progress, be honest in sharing information and ask fair questions.

5) When you make a commitment, don’t stop the courtship

Once a candidate commits to becoming an employee, don’t assume your work is done. The candidate pool is tight and recruiters will always recruit. Ensure your employees are fulfilled and feel appreciated. Continue to prioritize communication and while there is plenty of time to be serious, always find ways to have fun.

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