5 Reasons Why You Should Recruit During the Holidays

11.20.19 | Is it worthwhile to recruit between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day?

Absolutely. As the holidays near, now is your time to shine. Here’s why:

1) Home for the holidays

A lot of people take vacation days during this time of year. Some are in a use-it-or-lose-it situation with paid time off, while others prepare for the holidays or travel. Regardless, they are out of the office more than usual and have more freedom to talk to recruiters. Also, December can be an easier time for candidates to take a few hours off to participate in an interview. With so many professionals coming and going, it’s less likely to be an issue or raise eyebrows.

2) Looking at the greenery

Gifts, travel, entertaining – the holidays are expensive and sometimes prompt people to evaluate their financial situations. Do they need to earn more? Annual bonuses are usually distributed at the end of the year, too. This means some employees no longer have an imminent incentive to stay with their organization if they are looking to make a move. Also, a disappointing year-end payout may set a job search in motion.

3) ‘Tis the season to be social

People are more social on- and off-line during the holidays. It’s a great time to sprinkle key messages into your social media mix to build your employer brand and highlight career opportunities. You can also use the season as an opportunity to reach out to candidates within your talent pipeline. A simple e-greeting, hand-written card, or phone call can be impactful and timely. For top recruits, consider inviting them to a company-sponsored holiday gathering. A glimpse into your organization’s culture could be a real treat for a prospective employee.

4) The gift of employee referrals

During office hours, your co-workers are likely to have some downtime. Outside of the office, they are socializing more than usual. Leverage these two situations and create an employee referral program. Encourage employees to identify and reach out to quality candidates within their networks. Incentivize them with a gift, i.e. for every referral who becomes a hire, the referring employee receives a gift certificate or vacation hours.

5) All is calm

While you’re busy engaging candidates and building your brand, your competition is likely to be taking a break from active recruiting. When all is calm, be all that’s bright. Embrace the opportunity to stand out among employers.

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