5 top recruitment trends for 2022

The new reality! how often do we hear that phrase? The new reality is what all businesses, all companies, and all people have had to adapt to. Our evolution has been precipitated and what we initially saw as a bad thing, was the driving force for a transformation.  

Undoubtedly, human capital and recruiting trends had to adapt to this new reality and face challenges that were previously unthinkable. 

Therefore, we are going to review the 5 most important recruitment trends that have changed the course of labor recruiting: 


1. 100% digital process or E-Recruiting.

 None of us had thought of a digital transformation so soon, but since there is no turning back, the trend is towards the migration and optimization of physical and manual processes to 100% digital, allowing efficient and remote onboarding.  

 That is why the main trend this year is focused on migrating to 100% digital processes that allows agile and remote onboarding. 

Artificial intelligence is our ally today, the use of platforms and applications for online interviews, evaluations, training, as well as automatic response chats to resolve doubts, is a sign of the digitization of human capital processes. This brings with it details that may not have been of concern before, such as investment costs in new infrastructure, technical problems, and the protection of personal data, which should be a priority.  


2. Search for specialized profiles

 The demand for specialized profiles is increasing. Recruiters are now requesting specific skills or specialized personnel by areas to address functions that had not been considered before. 

This allows hiring professionals who may have been inaccessible due to mobility issues such as long distances. Now human resources departments will not have to limit themselves to looking for talent in a specific geographic area and can count on multidisciplinary talent.  

Candidates have also become more selective about the positions they apply for.   They are looking for jobs now that reflect the culture they’ve adapted to, like working remotely. Just a suggestion. 


3. Hybrid or 100% home office work

 The companies that adapted the fastest to this trend were those that managed to “survive” during the pandemic and continue their operations.  

Adapting to telework allows employees to adapt their schedules without losing permanent contact with their company and family. 

Although many employers fear this modality looking for disadvantages such as decreased productivity or loss of corporate culture remote work offers companies a considerable cost reduction in terms of rent and accommodations.  


4. Diversity, inclusion, and equity

Inclusion is now become a fundamental part of corporate culture, values, and practices. 

According to McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report, ethnically and gender diverse companies have higher profitability and better results, making employees even more committed to company policies and culture.  

 5. Candidate experience

Most important and fundamentally, never neglect the candidate’s experience. Especially if they are not hired, their experience directly influences the way they perceive your brand and relate it to others. Thanks to new technologies and automated processes, you as a company can improve your overall Candidate experience.  


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Orion Mobility | March 28th 2022 

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