Bad Hires Cost More During Pandemic

3.31.2021 | Filling a role with the wrong candidate is costly; but according to recent research, hiring mistakes were more costly amid the pandemic.

In a survey by global staffing firm Robert Half, 76% of senior managers said they filled a role with the wrong candidate. Moreover, 64% said the negative impact is more severe than it was a year ago.

“In the past year, companies have made big transitions, including the move to remote work and shifts in their hiring and onboarding practices,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half. “When faced with so many changes, there can be more room for error and unfortunately, a bad hiring decision can have a ripple effect throughout the organization.”

Overall Costs

  • 33% more time wasted
  • 27% decreased staff morale and productivity
  • 20% increased stress on supervisor

Time Lost

  • 10 weeks, on average, to realize the candidate was not a fit and complete the termination
  • 6 weeks to re-staff the position

In a separate survey published by Robert Half in October, a majority of senior managers said their companies were conducting interviews and onboarding sessions remotely, and 60% said they shortened their hiring process overall.

What’s Next?

The pandemic forced many employers to redesign their hiring and onboarding processes and rely heavily on remote interactions. However, research has shown that talent professionals and candidates value in-person interviews, so face-to-face recruiting is not going away. Going forward, talent professionals will have to continuously rework their approach to improve recruitment outcomes as the pandemic evolves.

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