Benefits employers will offer in 2023 to address work-life balance

We have talked about the recruitment trends for 2023, an approach toward what strategies companies should follow to attract the best talent, and what processes should be followed to go in the right direction. Now, we’ll talk about the benefits. Once the skill is hired and starts to be part of the company, what benefits should be offered that are attractive and that break the usual scheme, a car, a cell phone, fruit and coffee, no dress code?

Now employees aspire to more and better things, especially the new generations. The trend is focused on intangible benefits, but with a remarkable effect that will make work a pleasant and balanced activity.

We have narrowed it down to 4 benefits, read on and adopt ideas that can be useful for your company:


1. Employment flexibility.

Working from anywhere, at any time or time slot, will influence hiring this coming year if the position allows it. Employees now value the ability to stay at home, get more sleep, avoid traffic, and adjust their work time and individual needs without interfering with work objectives.

There is also the Workation trend, where employees can take long trips and work remotely, which means they do not need to stay in a fixed location to work efficiently.

This work flexibility is not only a way to take care of employees, but also to show confidence in their ability to manage their time.


2. Work-life balance

How many parents miss their children’s daily routine, how many catch their children awake when they come home from work, and how many do not take the time to practice a sport or do an extra activity due to lack of time? To fulfill oneself professionally and to be a good element in a company should not be synonymous with working long hours or disconnecting one’s personal life during the week and connecting it only on weekends. Many companies now offer day-care centers near the offices, gyms with showers, or simply showers so that those who require it can exercise and take a shower before their working day.

Human Resources departments have to adapt the benefits to the different profiles, whether they are parents or single people with other interests, to meet the different needs without neglecting anyone.


3. Employee health is vital

Aware that physical and mental health is essential for the good performance of employees, companies are now looking for solutions to encourage active breaks that help employees to do some relaxing physical activity, from sports courts to free services with dietitians or physiotherapists. This will help prevent burnout and improve productivity in the long run.

In case the employee needs help with psychological treatments, some companies have online or in-person professional services that offer free or low-cost consultations.

Employees are also on the lookout for affordable and easier-to-pay healthcare, as evidenced by Mercer’s Survey on Health and Benefits Strategies for 2023.

HSA plans may be a good option for some companies, as they are less expensive for employers than lower-deductible plans and have triple the tax advantages for employees. HSAs allow employees to set aside pre-tax income for health care expenses, and the portable account follows them if they move to another company.


4. Development support

There are some positions or specialties that require constant training, such as information technology, employees look to companies to support them and offer them broader, long-term prospects for career advancement.

Companies can offer to define a training budget, access to online training platforms, language classes, and even time for self-study.


Work dynamics have changed, and HR specialists cannot miss the needs of teams and be on trend with other companies to stay in rank and keep up with the changes. This is part of the corporate culture – which is the calling card of companies to the outside world – showing respect for the employee and valuing them makes companies competitive in the market.


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