Capture Candidate Attention with Surprise & Delight

12.19.19 | Competition for talent is tight so it’s time to get creative.

“Surprise and delight” is a marketing approach designed to attract and maintain customers by giving them unexpected goods, services, or rewards.  It could be as simple as getting a free donut with your coffee or as grandiose as airlifting a Taco Bell truck to a small Alaskan town and distributing 10,000 tacos (true story).

It’s memorable. It’s delightful. It makes a difference.

The same principle can apply to recruiting. Regardless of budget, there are countless ways to get a recruit’s attention. The approach can be straightforward and simple or more involved to help you land a candidate who is being courted by multiple recruiters.

Let’s start with simple. Here are a few ideas to inspire:

  • Have a “candidate concierge” greet your candidate in the lobby to offer a drink, show where the restrooms are located, review the itinerary if there are multiple interviews.
  • Thank the candidate for coming in by sending a handwritten note and/or a package with items related to your company.
  • Send a car service to drive them to and from the interview.

On a more spectacular scale, there’s the story of a game development company that sent personalized iPods to 100 of their most desirable candidates. As detailed in a recent LinkedIn blog, each candidate received a FedEx box, which included smaller boxes containing words that, when strung together, formed an inspiring message. Also in the package – a personalized iPod loaded with a recorded message from the CEO that addressed recipients by name and specifically explained why the candidate was an ideal fit.

The results were spectacular, too. Out of the 100 candidates, 90 responded and three quit their jobs to join the team. What’s more, the packages were sent to the candidates’ work addresses to create buzz among co-workers and increase the employer’s brand awareness.

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