Hiring Stats & What Employers Are Doing Now

5.7.2020 | As the pandemic evolves, The Talent Board, a non-profit organization focusing on the candidate experience, has been cataloging COVID-19’s impact on recruiting. Through bi-weekly surveys of talent acquisition (TA) teams across the U.S., the board has compiled stats and gained insights. The following highlights some of their most recent findings.

Impact on Hiring

For 74% of surveyed organizations, hiring has either slowed or stopped. However, it has increased significantly for a minority of businesses, most likely companies filling essential roles in healthcare, retail, and supply chain.

  • 32% frozen all hiring
  • 21% reducing hiring significantly
  • 21% reducing hiring moderately
  • 19% no change in hiring
  • 5% increasing hiring significantly
  • 2% increasing hiring moderately

What about Layoffs?

More than half of respondents said they are not laying off or furloughing employees while the remainder are either doing it or thinking about it.

  • 63% not laying off or furloughing employees
  • 21% are laying off or furloughing employees
  • 16% are thinking about laying off or furloughing employees

What Now?

For a large majority of TA teams, the goal is to continue to manage their employer brand and provide a positive experience despite the crisis. Here’s what they’re doing:

  • 77% have a communications plan for candidates/employees
  • 66% have a public marketing communications plan

Additionally, many teams are still focusing on their talent pipelines – even if they are not actively hiring.

What Next?

While it’s impossible to know what recruiting will look like post-pandemic, 65% of surveyed respondents say they have a recruiting and hiring plan to best prepare for possible scenarios.

Regardless, having communications plans in place, as well as a plan for the future, is good for an employer’s brand and will help prime candidates when recruitment resumes.

Orion Mobility is a proud sponsor of The Talent Board.

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