Don’t Sweat Peak Season: 5 Ways to Keep Your Cool

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the heat is on as mobility professionals manage a surge of relocations. It’s peak season, but don’t sweat it. Here are five things you can do to be more productive and less stressed:

1) Break Differently: It’s hard to find time to take a break but when you do, do it differently. Don’t confine yourself to the lunchroom; go outside, take off your shoes, feel the grass. Take five minutes to color. Coloring books for adults are very popular and for good reason – coloring is fun, relaxing, and clears the mind.

2) Prioritize the Priorities: Your to-do list may be an endless litany of tasks but some are more urgent than others. Decide what absolutely needs to get done today and what can wait if the day gets away from you. Getting your must-do tasks out of the way will make you feel better while ensuring the work is completed.

3) Make Home Your Haven: When things are busy at the office, give yourself a break at home whenever possible. For example, hire a neighborhood teen to do your yardwork, or eat out once a week. Use your downtime to relax, refresh, and do what you enjoy. Not only will you be happier, you’ll be better prepared to tackle another workday.

4) Work It Out: When you’re tired and time is at a premium, it’s easy to overlook exercise. However, physical activity is always a wise investment. Take a walk, practice yoga, hop on a bike – whatever moves you. Working out relieves stress, brings focus, and promotes restful sleep between long days.

5) Reflect: Once peak season is over, take time to look at everything that happened and learn from your experiences. It is easy to keep chugging along once the whirlwind is over, but Memorial Day will return soon enough – as it does every year. By reflecting, you can avoid the things that did not go as planned and make a habit of the practices that helped you stay cool during the high point of the relocation season.

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