Global mobility and technology: keys to a successful employee experience

Talking about technology inevitably makes us think of the replacement of human contact by the power and “ability” of machines and computer systems, but in terms of employee experience, technology has become a fundamental part, especially if it is integrated with it strategically.

A study conducted in 2021 by Crown World Mobility, highlights the link of digitalization to the employee experience in aspects such as talent, people, finance, data, and compliance and how it has become indispensable in the changing landscape of global mobility and employee expectation.

Before and after global mobility and technology.

If technology has reached every sector and industry, why would we think ours wouldn’t?  Today’s workforce is multigenerational, and the global mobility landscape is changing rapidly which is causing us to look to technology to keep up with the times.

Before the pandemic, there was an emphasis on developing customer experience through self-service technology platforms and replacing manual back-office processes with digital tools, but now, in the wake of the pandemic, the trend has accelerated to link global mobility experience with employee experience, user experience, and assignee experience. This has led to a shift and an increase in the use of global mobility software.

Relocation management software is now more common, and this is lightening the load on the teams of destination service providers, global mobility, relocation, and international assignments. Being not only an advantage for companies but an important element to attract and retain talent, for sustainable businesses that strive for good use of resources. All these trends make visible the importance of global mobility from every trench – internal and professional – ensuring momentum and alignment with corporate objectives.

The top trend in 2022

  1. post-pandemic, the most relevant trend is the balance between human contact and technology and the linkage of both to the employee experience. Many global assignees, their families, partners, and colleagues were faced with unprecedented situations ranging from being stranded in a host, home, or transit country, to being quarantined or starting a new assignment elsewhere remotely, all of which required the personal involvement of the global mobility team to take control and resolve quickly and effectively. This technology-human support balance is a great area of focus that we must not lose sight of in the employee experience.


  1. Mental health and physical wellness are two corporate trends that have taken prominence along with inclusion, sustainability, and technology. Employees on assignment are now considering health insurance as a key component of their assignment package. In that context, confinement generated awareness of how mental health issues can harm the workforce. While the move toward hybrid or remote work is becoming imminent, employers are more willing to restructure their compensation packages with benefits such as online health care, wellness apps, and mental health strategies as a priority.


  1. AI also has an important place mainly in travel management activities that offer employees and mobility teams a wide range of user-friendly tasks, without overlooking companies’ travel policies and objectives with which they are perfectly aligned thanks to the establishment of customized algorithms.

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