Has global work lost its charm?

The accelerated adoption of digital technologies allowed companies to discover new ways of providing continuity in their businesses, which resulted in advantages and disadvantages that today set the pace of the economy.

One of them is virtual work, which for those of us who practice it (and, despite the adaptation time it took us), we have achieved a perfect balance between work commitment and daily life at home.

Thanks (or no thanks) to this, the global mobility business is losing its appeal. Convincing an employee to accept an overseas assignment is now more difficult because employees more closely evaluate the family living and economic and social implications of moving abroad.

There are many reasons for a company to make personnel move outside its home borders, including skills shortages in the host country and leadership development. Such activities in a new culture directly impact family relationships, social relationships, and career prospects.

Talent management has become a challenge, and companies are forced to make difficult decisions between adopting local talent and training it, virtually reducing the need for staff mobility or analyzing the expectations of people sent abroad to better adapt compensation mechanisms without forgetting that those who leave also aspire to move up the career ladder.

It does not mean our business will disappear for those of us in global mobility, but work motivations and personal interests have changed. Contractual agreements must be clear and carefully crafted to align with the company’s business needs and the employee’s individual needs.

It is up to us as companies to work on flexible policies to make global work attractive again and seen by employees as a career leap.

Let’s do it!

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