How artificial intelligence (AI) can help with recruitment

AI can be defined as the combination of algorithms designed to create machines or systems that have the same capabilities as humans to perform tasks based on the information they gather.

It is not a new topic and has long since ceased to be the subject of movies and science fiction books to be integrated little by little into our lives and, although it is in an initial phase, its use is becoming more frequent in multiple sectors, causing radical changes.

For recruitment processes, digitization has become a great ally: the so-called onboarding of employees (their integration) or simply to recognize the working environment of a company, artificial intelligence can optimize business processes, complete tasks faster, reduce human error and reduce operating costs.

Face-to-face interviews already belong to the background and companies must look for new ways to meet candidates and control processes. Companies that do not adapt to these new changes may find it more difficult to survive in an increasingly technological world.

LinkedIn is a clear example of this; the network has transformed the sector in-depth, completely inverting the classic logic of recruiting specialized profiles: it is no longer the candidates who present themselves, but the companies and headhunters who go looking for them through this tool that has become indispensable.


  1. Saving recruiters’ time by automating high-volume tasks.

Manual resume screening remains the most time-consuming part of recruiting, especially when 75% to 88% of resumes received for a position are unqualified. It is estimated that screening resumes and shortlisting candidates for interviews require 23 hours of a recruiter’s time for a single hire.

AI for recruiting represents an opportunity for recruiters to reduce time spent on repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as automating resume screening, automatically triggering assessments, or scheduling candidate interviews.

As a bonus, speeding up these parts of recruiting through automation reduces time-to-hire, which means you’ll be less likely to lose top talent.

  1. Hiring by profile quality

More and more companies are investing in the diversity of their employees as IA applies filters to focus on the quality of the candidate, their experience, knowledge, and skills that fit the profile requirements.

The classification is done by crossing the information of the resumes with the requirements of the available vacancy and this shows the profiles with the highest probability of success in a position according to the company’s criteria.

  1. Video interviews

AI video interviewing technology can help recruiters evaluate candidates using data that analyzes the tone of voice, words used, facial expressions, and body language. This technology can analyze the candidate’s comfort level, identify honesty levels and assess the quality of responses.

These analyses should not be determinative for selection, but they do help to eliminate candidates who do not fit the profile.


Improve the candidate experience

Candidates now demand a fast and personalized hiring process. So recruiters must change their strategy for attracting and identifying talent. This involves improving their hiring process. AI will help recruiters create a personalized experience that meets candidate expectations.

For example, they can use:

      • AI-powered chatbots to quickly answer candidates’ most common questions.
      • Tools that allow candidates to record short videos with their answers to interview questions that will be automatically analyzed by an AI mechanism.
      • AI can also be used to evaluate the answers provided during the interview in real-time.
      • It also allows the automation of the answers, which will be personalized.

At a time when the concept of “employer branding” has become relevant, artificial intelligence makes it possible to treat each person as a unique candidate. Recruitment, talent retention, and a company’s reputation are characteristics that must match the company’s values.

AI is not intended to replace the activities of recruiters, but to enhance the capabilities of recruiters by remaining at the forefront of the processes and allowing their evolution to coaches concerned with the career development of candidates. 


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