How to maintain the productivity of your employees after relocation?

Relocation is not planned overnight, most of them have behind them a management process of weeks and even months and no matter how well-organized inevitable stress in the person is relocating who must debate between their work responsibilities at the location they are leaving, the activities at the new location, the relocation process itself and their personal affairs.

This relocation process is undoubtedly a distractor for the employee that has a direct impact on productivity, and it is up to companies to provide the best scenario so that the level of response to their daily work is not compromised.

Sufficient time

If in 14 days an employee must decide whether to accept a transfer offer and in 37 to have moved to the new location, we are talking about a reduced and overwhelming time. Companies must consider that relocations also involve the entire family, which may consist of children and adolescents, couples, and even the elderly, and each has different needs that must be met in order not to leave anyone out.


Involve the spouse/partner and family

When an employee is selected for relocation, usually the entire burden of the move falls on the partner. Companies should consider this situation before beginning the process and involve the partner by recognizing the role he or she plays.

Sharing details and examining pros and cons together is essential to get the most out of your help and make the experience a positive one. Having a supportive partner will allow the employee to focus on the work activities that need to be accomplished and this will help maintain productivity.


Schedule activities

Setting deadlines from the beginning will keep everything in order and will allow clear roles and responsibilities for each of the actors during the relocation process.

Considering all the details and following up on them during the process will avoid last-minute relocation-related problems and, should they arise, will make it easier to intervene in time.

Identify services in the country of destination and initiate them in time

House hunting is the most important activity for the employee and his family to have a starting point for the tasks that follow such as schools, parks, places of worship that are important to them, supermarkets, etc.

Having everything under the radar will give security to the employee and their family and will be one less burden and worry in the relocation process.


Flexibility in the schedule

During the relocation the time is overwhelming and the activities that must be attended to at home such as installing utilities, meeting with an inspector, and receiving a cleaning worker or helper. In such cases, it is good for the company to be empathetic and allow the employee to work from home and maintain productivity for the first few days, rather than losing that day of work.


Consider additional support services

In some cases of relocation to another country, the employee’s partners often leave their jobs to follow their spouse. In such cases, the company can include as a benefit or service professional advice for a job search in the destination country, since nowadays it is almost a norm that both work and share expenses.

Another option is to look for extra activities such as learning a new language or intercultural training (if applicable), help in studying a career, if you do not have one, or support to participate in charitable activities.

Planning and executing the process well will interfere less with the employee’s productivity. A relocation or a move is a positive experience for the professional and cultural growth of those who embark on this adventure and being a conscientious company will reduce the negative impact of the move.

There will be stressful periods that lead to employee distraction, but the focus should be on keeping these to a minimum and making the assignment enjoyable for all involved.

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