International employee relocation is the best way to grow your international reputation

A company with an international growth plan has two possibilities: opening new revenue streams and boosting its global reputation.

Scaling globally is possible and profitable for both large and small companies, and one of the tasks to start with is through relocation assignments, i.e., sending your employees abroad.

This strategy can be very beneficial for companies, but it must be properly implemented to ensure success and a good employee experience.

Let’s detail the benefits
Retain and attract top talent.

A comprehensive relocation package is a major attraction for new talent and an incentive for current employees. According to a survey conducted by Business Wire in April 2021, 59% of workers would be willing to relocate for work. And of those 31% would do so in another country.

If there are people interested in traveling internationally, even more, reason companies should have a competitive relocation strategy.

Familiarity with the business

Both the employee knows the company, the business model, its culture, and its objectives and the company knows the employee, which is why it ensures the global reputation and representation of your company abroad.

This way, if you consider hiring local talent, your current employees will be spokespersons and promoters in the host country.

Testing in the new market

If you want to test the new market without expanding 100%, international relocation assignments are the best way to go. The employee can stay for a specific period that will serve to build a solid foundation for future projects. Otherwise, if the situation does not go well, you will not have incurred major losses since you did not establish a complete operation.

Cultural exposure

In this hyper-connected world, expanding to other cultures is a plus to boost business. That is why this becomes one of the most important benefits for companies and employees because it expands knowledge and the ability to develop cultural competencies such as Increased cultural literacy, a Broader worldview, foreign language proficiency, and an Expanded professional network.

It all adds up to a positive experience and will increase the retention rate and generate more interest in international assignments.

But as with everything in life, if the logistics of the operation are not properly determined, the experience may not be positive and can be a challenge to deal with, so here are the downsides:

International relocation expenses

Depending on the distance and circumstances, the costs of relocation can be very high as the following factors are considered: travel and moving, loyalty requirements, expenses related to the employee’s family, and extra expenses such as language lessons or cultural training.

An agreement can be reached with the employee to assume part of the cost in some small proportion as it is the employer’s responsibility to provide all benefits.

Failure to relocate

A poorly managed assignment causes not only low employee expectations but also dissatisfaction in the family unit.

This will result in lower productivity, loss of talent, and a bad reputation for the company.

Different laws

The laws of the host country prevail, so the employer must ensure that the employee does not have to pay taxes in both the home and host country.

You must ensure that tax rules do not apply to your employee and if they do not, you must take care and offer tax support and protection, which has a direct impact on the cost of the relocation.

Keeping up to date with local labor laws will help avoid future legal problems

Make sure you have a sufficiently robust relocation program that considers all sides, positive and negative so that there are no surprises during the process and during your assignee’s time on the job.

Remember that Orion Mobility solutions complement the program and are part of a strategy that will help you save time and money.



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