Issuing Reimbursements When Your AP Team is Working Remotely

3.26.2020 | An unprecedented number of professionals are working from home, taking on critical functions to ensure business continuity and for mobility departments, this means ensuring employees get reimbursed.

While most expense reimbursement is handled electronically, approximately 20% of payments are still issued via paper check, which can be a challenge right now. Here are our recommendations:

Make the Switch

Convert as many paper payments to electronic payments as possible. Fortunately, there are more options than ever, including:

  • Virtual cards (no plastic needed, one-time use)
  • Ghost cards (no plastic needed, ideal for tracking a number of expenses)
  • Zelle™
  • ACH
  • Wire

Explore Your Paper Options

For those payments that cannot be made electronically:

  • If you have a low volume of checks to run, contact your bank; they may be able to do it for you.
  • Some vendors can issue virtual checks via email. While most banks will accept these, some will not so do your homework first.

Limit Your Liability

If you have remote staff cutting checks, limit your liability by:

  • Reviewing your checks and balances daily.
  • Authorizing one person to enter checks and another person to print them.
  • Setting up positive pay with your bank to detect fraud.
  • Dropping off checks at the post office.

While it’s impossible to conduct business as usual right now, be assured that you have options. Look into them, empower your remote staff, and ensure your mobile employees are properly reimbursed.

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