Keep in touch with interns after they’re gone

Summer internship programs may be wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean HR is off the hook.

Interns are an important talent pool: 94% of US-based employers surveyed in April by staffing company Express Employment Professionals said they plan to offer summer 2022 interns either full- or part-time work.

Like any employee, interns want to know that they’re valued members of the team—even if they’re heading back to school in the fall. For those employers whose summer interns still have a year (or two) until graduation, the challenge becomes maintaining a positive employee experience so that they will want to come back.

What an intern wants

Most recruiters don’t keep in touch with former interns, Adam Robinson, cofounder, and CEO of recruitment company Hireology told HR Brew. He believes employers who let this talent pool fall by the wayside are likely missing out on job candidates who might be a good fit for their company. “Most companies aren’t thinking about that as a medium-to-long-term talent acquisition strategy. They’re just trying to fill what’s open today.”

Staying in touch isn’t just a good talent-acquisition strategy—it’s what makes interns feel valued. Ishita Jamar, a senior at American University who just completed a summer internship with PR firm Edelman, said she’s starting to think about her post-grad job prospects. Managers from her previous three internships, she said, have not kept in touch. “I have had one or two times where someone from a prior internship had asked me if I wanted to come back for another internship opportunity or if I wanted to join them at a different firm, but other than that, I’ve kind of been like, ‘It’s all on me.’”

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