Organize Your Processes and You Will Have Productive People

Being productive is a concept adopted by organizations to fulfill their objectives. It sounds easy, but productivity has to do with the efficiency and speed with which employees complete their activities.  Each organization, depending on the line of business and sector, can establish indicators with which it can measure employee performance, but how is it possible to meet the expectations of employers by delivering quality and high-impact work?

Productivity is 100% related to the processes established by the leaders of the areas, in addition to the resources provided to them and the amount of support that people may have. Therefore, productivity refers to the amount of work an employee can do, deliver or finish within a given time.

The number of hours worked does not mean that a person is productive; Maybe we need to reinvent this sentence and make it a little clearer.

Low productivity and inefficiency are problems that organizations face every day, and how they can be counteracted depends very much on corporate objectives and organizational culture. However, there are important topics that can be tackled through different initiatives:


1. Focus! Focus! Focus!

Distractions are our first enemies. An employee may be able to work independently and manage his or her time, but the sounds of notifications are often the first distracting element that causes a loss of concentration. Those of us who work for organizations – no matter the size – are linked to other people and email is our primary communication system, passing through Slack and other tools.

Sometimes one of those notifications is to ask the employee to stop their current task to do something immediately and this makes us lose focus so both parties must be aligned in process practice.

We must be able to manage distractions by using task organization tools or project managers and schedule blocks of productive time to perform important tasks and refresh the mind.

2. Escalate meetings

In all organizations, there are challenges, which must be addressed differently, depending on the type of business. For example, if we are talking about a factory with a production line, the first meeting of the day should be with the first-line workers, anything that can’t be solved then moves up to the supervisors, and if they still can’t come to a conclusion then they meet with the managers, and so on until reaching directors, presidents, and the executive team. It should be noted that escalating levels is only if it was impossible to decide. This will reduce the number of scattered emails we sometimes receive for the same issue

3. Make your activities visible

Waiting for the boss to ask about an assignment is wasting the boss’s time and you’re wasting your own. Almost all our work is on the computer and in our head, and if we don’t say what we’re working on, others can’t tell if we’re overloaded (or if we have time to spare). Virtual or Physical boards are ideal for distributing tasks and eliminating serial emails.

4. Authority matters

Being responsible without the authority to make decisions and deliver results is not a best practice. To the same extent that employees face the responsibility of carrying out an activity with defined objectives, they must also give satisfactory answers by making “low-risk” decisions, consulting only those that have a major influence. support and trust given to employees by leaders allow employees an opportunity for constant growth and the courage to work independently. Win! Win!

As organizations reinforce trust in their employees and create standard processes, the level of commitment will be noticeable, both parties will benefit, and productivity levels will simply be a measurable consequence.




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