Prepare for Peak Season (don’t skip your summer vacation)

5.10.19 | Do you skip taking a summer vacation because you’re too busy? You’re not alone.

In the relocation industry, peak season coincides with vacation season and therefore, many mobility professionals don’t take time off between May and September.

What’s more, according to Forbes, 52% of American workers leave vacation time unused. That equates to 708 million unclaimed vacation days every year. That’s nearly two million years of missed beach days, hotel stays, and last-minute getaways.

Our advice? Take the vacation.

Here’s why you should make summer plans and how you can pull it off.

Why Take Vacation?

Multiple studies have shown that people who take vacations have a lower risk of heart disease, improved mental health and actually live longer. It’s good for business, too. Upon returning from vacation, most employees are refreshed and re-energized. Ernst & Young found that for every 10 additional hours an employee took off, their performance improved by 8%.

Pulling It Off: Procedures, Providers, Payroll

However, before anyone ventures outside of the office, take a good look inside your operations, particularly at procedures, providers, and payroll.


Make sure your mobility department is best prepped for the increase in volume by doing the following:

  • Ensure cross-training is in place. Team members should be trained across all clients so they can meet transferee needs when staff members take time off or need additional help.
  • Update client-specific data and procedures. Many people assume this information is up to date and are surprised to discover otherwise. Now is the ideal time to fill in the blanks, update contact info, etc.
  • Determine how you will monitor and manage workflow. It’s one thing to say, “We’re really busy,” and another to see it. Decide how you will quantify and manage volume.


It’s peak season for your providers, too. Helping them will benefit you, your suppliers, and transferees. Here’s how:

  • Plot out your upcoming relocations and get as specific as you can with dates, locations, and other pertinent data, i.e. your R&D business unit plans on moving 10 transferees from Houston to Chicago in the month of August.
  • Meet with your providers to share this information and ensure they are equipped to handle your business. Remember that by keeping your providers informed they can implement processes for handling those volume surges, so that you can expect to receive the same level of service that you do during non-peak months, i.e. transferee may not be willing to move during this timeframe if you can’t ensure their needs will be met.
  • Get on their calendars now because dates are booking quickly – especially with movers and temporary housing. Also, by giving providers insight into your season and making their jobs easier, you’re more likely to be near the top of their scheduling lists.


Don’t wait for year-end to review payroll calculations and the tax calendar. Stay ahead and work with your provider and internal payroll department to plan this out. Here’s what this does:

  • Helps to ensure IRS compliance by reviewing relocation cost/reporting.
  • Allows your payroll department to plan ahead for their busiest months of the year.
  • Saves you a lot of headaches and helps transferees avoid surprises.

By preparing for volume, you lay the groundwork for a less stressful season. So take that trip, go to the beach. Most importantly, have a great summer!

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