Sustainability and global mobility are two words (and actions) that must go hand in hand

Sustainability is a word that is on the minds of consumers and companies. Having sustainable practices generates long-term value, and more and more organizations are joining in and making progress on the issue.

One of the positive things about the pandemic is that it raised awareness about climate change, protecting the planet, and how many companies are addressing their sustainability agenda according to their concept of the subject. Many have instituted new practices from recycling and energy use to focus on socially conscious initiatives such as diversity, equity, inclusion, donations, corporate, employee wellbeing, etc.

It is becoming more and more common for companies to demonstrate with data the importance of the impact their ESG actions have.

All sectors and industries have an impact on the environment, and our global mobility industry is no exception. Our process and supply chain for moving people around the world involves considerable resources and effort.

Mobility companies must demonstrate that they are ethical to attract investors, customers, and talent and one of the ways is through ESG. The term ESG (environmental, social, and governance) refers to different factors that influence sustainability.

Environmental meaning everything related to the environment and land conservation. Social refers to people and their relationships, and governance to the way a company is run, therefore, the higher an organization’s ESG ratings, the more sustainable it will be.

As a result, many companies are adapting to meaningful mobility solutions to try to offset the impact they generate:

  • Intentionally reducing air travel
  • Holding more virtual meetings
  • Dealing with suppliers aligned with the concept of sustainability
  • Promote activities that reduce energy consumption at your sites
  • Provide greener commuting options, such as hybrid cars.

In short, being sustainable is not only about being environmentally friendly but also about being more conscious and investing time and effort in carrying out actions that have a positive impact on employees, society, the company, and the environment.




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