Technology innovation is key for hyper-growth companies

Companies are reaching a state of anticipated hyper-growth and acceleration, and the key to differentiating themselves from the rest is the right technology implementations to optimize their business.

The digital transformation of businesses and their models have become a necessity to significantly improve the features that were already in place.

How do companies determine that they need to optimize their resources?

One of the central points is to improve operational processes. Study very well their weak points and the complexity of the workflow. In this way, they will be able to choose the technology that is easier to use, faster, and goes beyond traditional financial capabilities.

Facilitate processes

Cloud computing, collaborative software, machine learning, or Big Data are some of the technologies that help improve process efficiency.

In the case of financial processes, the manual processing of payments is the most time-consuming financial process, so it is an initial phase to start implementing modern technology and rely on automation as a tool to scale and become more efficient.

A significant example in Orion Mobility is the ability to manage foreign exchange in a fluctuating economy. Automating this process allows finance teams to switch to local currencies without delay and on a global scale.

Automating these processes allows companies to delegate attention to processes and focus on other areas of opportunity.

Benefits of technological innovation 

Cost reduction: Automation and resource optimization allows for the incorporation of more efficient methods, which help save time and effort, as well as minimize costs and maximize results.

Improved productivity: technological innovation makes it possible to implement business intelligence systems, which allow operations to be monitored in real-time, tracked and smarter decisions to be made based on concrete data.

Generates new jobs: the creation of new jobs is one of the most important benefits of technological innovation. In 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded in its The Future of Jobs Report that, by 2025, 97 million new technology-related jobs will be generated worldwide. It also reflects that the most relevant skills for companies will be critical and analytical thinking, as well as problem-solving, active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility.


The advantage of having systems with features that meet customer expectations is that they show companies where the money is going. Leading companies implement software that can respond in real-time and monitor movement and flow. These services offer companies a high success rate that goes hand in hand with end-user or customer satisfaction.

For organizations it is important to have clear numbers and up-to-date financials to forecast the financial future and what companies need to prioritize which is to determine the needs of the organization, implement long-term goals, and give companies a clear idea of initiatives to solidify their missions.

At Orion Mobility, we offer cutting-edge tools that provide solutions and alternatives to optimize financial and human resources processes.


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