Top 5 Blog Post of 2022

Over the past year, we have published articles on our blog focusing on human resources and global mobility topics, all to provide tools to help companies identify potential areas of opportunity.

Here are the five most popular topics, and be sure to open each link in the title of each article for complete information.

Three ways to enhance the internship experience

An internship is like a job interview, a recruiting exercise that spans several months and allows interns to demonstrate and develop their skills within the organization. At the same time, the employer observes their performance in the field.


2023 FICA Wage Base Announced

The Social Security Administration just announced the new FICA wage base for 2023. The threshold will increase from $147,000 to $160,200 in 2023, an increase of nearly 9%.


Has global work lost its charm?

The accelerated adoption of digital technologies allowed companies to discover new ways of providing continuity in their businesses, which resulted in advantages and disadvantages that today set the pace of the economy.


How interns are taxed and when to expect a refund

When a college student enters an internship, many questions arise, ranging from whether they will have an income to what the tax return on that income will look like; the answer is simple: although not expected, interns need to file a tax return the year following their internship.


Global mobility and technology: keys to a successful employee experience

Talking about technology inevitably makes us think of the replacement of human contact by the power and “ability” of machines and computer systems. Still, in terms of employee experience, technology has become a fundamental part, especially if it is integrated with it strategically.



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