Until We Meet (hiring amid social distancing)

Phone calls, emails, and video chats are great, but nothing beats a face-to-face interview. And for many positions, it’s required.

However, health and safety come first and until social distancing is no longer necessary, employers need to keep desirable candidates engaged. Here’s our advice:

1) Check In

Above all else, check in with your candidates and express your wishes for their well-being. This is a scary and uncertain time and a simple, “how are you?” can go a long way. While many employers talk about their values and culture, now is a good time to demonstrate them. Focus on what’s important.

With economic turbulence, candidates may be wondering if the position is still available. Let them know you are still interested and plan to schedule a face-to-face interview when it’s reasonable for everyone involved.

2) Keep Up & Vary Communication

Once you reach out, don’t stop and don’t rely on one medium. While email is quick and easy, sometimes a phone call or video chat is more appropriate. Regardless, don’t just rely on email; humanize your communication. Consider sending something through the mail. A handwritten note cuts through the clutter and leaves a lasting impression.

By keeping the lines of communication open, your candidate is more likely to reach out to you if their situation changes, i.e. their employment needs have shifted or they have a job offer.

3) Be Transparent

Surveys have proven that candidates value open communication. Share your plans while acknowledging that they may change. If you have a tentative timeline for conducting interviews, let them know. If you don’t, let them know that too.

Also, what is the outlook for your industry, your company? While it’s impossible to predict, share any positive insights that may bolster a candidate’s confidence in you as an employer now and in the future.

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