Why is it essential to have relocation management software?

Most employees who relocate today are digital natives, experts who depend on technology and expect it to support them 100% in the relocation logistics.

For companies, the story is similar; internal resources are increasingly limited, so they must optimize the budget to cover all the needs of the employee without the costs arising from mismanagement of these.

The solution for both cases is to have relocation management software, a system that helps reduce administrative tasks and simultaneously offers tools that facilitate the process for human resources managers, suppliers, and employees.


What is relocation management software?

Relocation management software assists mobility management by bringing all aspects of an organization’s domestic and international assignments together in one place while providing a central location for customers, suppliers, and assignees to track activities.

Benefits of Relocation Management Software

reloviewsComplete™ management software provides global relocation services and relocation expense management in a single system.

It securely centralizes data and integrates seamlessly with corporate accounting, payroll, and financial systems.

Each client has its database; data is never shared with third parties, and sensitive fields, such as (bank accounts, passwords, etc.) are always encrypted.


Why it’s different:

Our software is as unique as your mobility operations. reloviewsComplete™ offers an unprecedented level of adaptability to give you the flexibility you want and the control you need.

  • Manage in-house teams, third-parties, or a combination of both to meet your best-in-class model.
  • No need to transfer data when you change providers. Regardless of who your providers are, your data remains with the software.
  • Leverage extensive capabilities and the latest technology to best manage mobility. Our system keeps pace with your business.


The Flexibility You Want, The Control You Need

Automation goes hand in hand with defining the scenarios for each use. Once the needs are defined, the software adapts with the functionality to meet them because the system keeps pace with your business and is as unique as your mobility operations.

It works through two modules:

Service Coordinator

Functions include:

– Destination and outbound services

– Home marketing and sales

– Home buying

– Moving and storage (domestic/international)

– Temporary housing

– Home inventory

– Compensation tables

– Immigration

– Property management

Expense Coordinator

Duties include:

– Withholding tax calculations

– Foreign compensation tracking

– Multi-currency reporting

– Gross and tax calculations

– Currency Conversion

– True-Up and year-end processing

– Expense Coding for Payroll

– Mobile Application

With so many changes in companies, managers are looking for a balance between tools that optimize time and allow them to make good use of resources without losing essential benefits. Management software eliminates the cumbersome manual processes of focusing on a system that monitors every movement and reports the status and use of budgets.

In addition, it saves the company headaches of having to pay invoices and expense reimbursements by lessening the administrative burden.

If you already use it, tell us about your experience; if not, what are you waiting for to make a difference?

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