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Benefit more from less hassle.

Candidates don’t like filling out expense reports any more than you do. When they travel for a job interview, expense reimbursement becomes a critical component of their candidate experience. GEM™ for Candidates gives prospective employees what they want – fast reimbursement and a quick, painless process to submit expenses. Employers get what they want, too – less administrative work, lower costs, financial insight, and an improved employer brand.

Why candidates love it:

  • A simple expense process via an intuitive app and web portal
  • Fast reimbursement
  • Live, friendly customer support

Why employers love it:

  • Less administrative work and lower cost (saving upwards of 50%)
  • Easy setup; service billed on a per-candidate basis
  • Human touch – Orion expense experts catch errors, address compliance issues with candidates, provide employer and candidate support
  • Insight into costs by department, candidate level, etc.
  • Option to integrate with travel booking
  • Option for Orion to fund reimbursements to ensure quick candidate payments.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video.

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