Simplifying the complex world of global payments.

Paying employees around the globe is not as simple as wiring money. Currency conversion, invoicing, and navigating countries’ unique regulations is complex. We make it simple so employers can save time and money while improving the employee experience.

Why we’re different

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Vast Experience & Resources

Our experienced team is backed by proprietary software and an extensive banking network to help ensure accurate, on-time payments.

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Mobility & Tax Expertise

With 30+ years of relocation experience, we understand the dynamics of working with mobile employees and the tax implications of global payments.

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Simplified Invoicing

Invoices can be billed and paid in local currencies. We can invoice based on country, business entity, etc. to accommodate the accounting needs of complex corporations.

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Disruption Management

If issues arise, we identify and address payment disruptions. Our expertise saves employers and employees time, money, and frustration.

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Multiple Payment Channels

We employ a variety of payment channels including Check, Wire, Swift, SEPA, ACH, IACH, or Zelle, to best suit each country's requirements and processes.

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Back Office Solution

Orion can operate as your back office so you may offer the service under your brand and provide a seamless customer experience.