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Tracking People & 
Expenses Around the World.


Tracking People & Expenses Around the World.


Tracking People & Expenses Around the World.


Tracking People &
Expenses Around the World.

Mobility Requires Visibility.

Your employees are relocating, traveling and doing business around the world.
We offer technology and services that help you best manage their movements and expenses
so you can save time and money while complying with tax requirements.


Candidate Reimbursement

Orion expertly manages candidate travel reimbursements while impressing prospective employees with easy-to-use expense reporting and timely reimbursements.


Domestic Relocation

From coast to coast, we help you efficiently manage assignees, vendors and all associated expenses with ease while gaining data visibility.


Global Relocation

Orion helps you expertly navigate this complex relocation process – from initiation to immigration, compensation, funding and everything in between.


Business Traveler

Employees will appreciate user-friendly expense reporting; you will appreciate our calendaring, auditing, processing, funding and reporting functionalities.

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The Technology to Manage Mobility. The Expertise to Do It Right.

Designed and supported by mobility professionals, Orion’s technology is expertly customized to meet unique needs and seamlessly integrate with any accounting or HR system. This cloud-based software centralizes data so users can access it anytime, anywhere and in a variety of configurations.

Why We’re Different.

More Than A Software Company

We offer technology, services and combinations of each to give clients exactly what they need.

We Specialize In Compliance

Tracking and properly coding expenses is more important than ever due to new tax compliance regulations. We understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

We're a Partner, Not a Vendor

Fortune 500 companies and large relocation companies have come to view us as a partner rather than a vendor because we work alongside them in a variety of capacities.

No One Has More Experience

Orion has been in the mobility industry since 1987. Our technology and services are designed and supported by industry veterans who process hundreds of millions of expenses annually.

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