Is your relocation program weak? These may be the reasons.

We’ve had so many changes at the technology level, the big quit, COVID, and employee priorities that many employers still need to update their relocation programs.

If the objective is to attract, retain and relocate the best talent, it must have attractive benefits to meet the goal.

If you feel that your relocation program has deficiencies and you could improve it, here are the most common mistakes you can identify and attack to improve it.

Not having a relocation program, just assignments.

Suppose you give your employees a relocation allowance through a simple reimbursement agreement and practically force them to do all the legwork. In that case, you will not only not worry about them, but you will ensure that at least one has a disastrous moving experience. Planning a relocation is complex, and you must provide all the necessary guidance and resources so that your employee does not have to do it alone, implements a managed budget, and offers peace of mind to your employee.

Outdated technology

Some companies manage and administer their mobility program internally, and some hire a specialized company with the right technology. Which of the two will be successful in your relocation program?

Uncommitted suppliers

Before hiring your network of suppliers, keep a close eye on their performance and make competitive deals that save you money. When making a move, it is essential to have moving companies, real estate agents, lenders, etc., to meet the various needs that the employee will have on the road. This network must be reliable and transparent to avoid bad times for the employee in transfer.

Need to give concrete and transparent information to employees.

A traditional relocation company may not find it necessary to hand over all the information to the employee or, worse, may not be equipped to give information about the new location where the relocated employee will arrive or will need help to identify the best neighborhoods and schools, etc.

A specialized company can provide detailed, hyperlocal, extensive, and valid information to make the adaptation process of the newcomer easier.

Staying ahead of the curve with your relocation programs will give you an edge over your competition and allow you to be more competitive.


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